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Vizeum launches Good Works

Vizeum is proud to announce the launch of its latest Corporate Social Responsibility initiative ‘Good Works’.


After a successful programme in the UK in 2016, Good Works will now be rolled out into four other markets – Argentina, Canada, Hong Kong and South Africa – next month.


This ground breaking accelerator project will complement one-off, unskilled volunteering by offering a longer term approach with more skilled volunteering– helping charities and social enterprises by drawing on Vizeum’s breadth of communications talent.


Teams of up to five Vizeum colleagues will work on a brief from the selected organisation (social enterprises or charitable organisations), provide consultancy and support on communications challenges ranging from ideas generation, audience insight, branding and communications planning.


Alistair Baker, Strategy Director at Vizeum UK, was instrumental in getting Good Works off the ground in the UK and has served as a champion for the programme since its inception.

“The great thing about Good Works is that it gives people in Vizeum the chance to work on something outside of their day-to-day clients. The solutions they provide aren’t necessarily based on media planning but are more focused on communications solutions.”

“The issues that charities and social enterprises face is that they often have limited resources when it comes to truly understanding their audiences. Vizeum is able to offer is the strategy, tools and consultancy needed to understand these audiences and take the proper action.”


Launching the initiative Thomas Le Thierry, President, Vizeum Global, said “Vizeum’s vision for media is to accelerate business growth. We are excited about this initiative as it offers our people the opportunity to stretch their expertise and experience across new categories as they volunteer their time to accelerate growth for charities and social organisations.”


As Good Works launches into new markets, each market will choose a social enterprise or charity organisation from their local community.


Want to find out more? Contact Rosanna Post, New Business & Marketing Manager, Vizeum Global. Rosanna.post@vizeum.com