Our Approach

Because today is all about being connected, interconnections and interdependence, Vizeum embraces these global opportunities to create “Connections that Count”:

  • We develop research and insights to better understand the group and the social motivations of people that we want to talk to and influence in new spaces.
  • We move away from exposure and touch points, focusing on the value, the quality and the intensity of the connections that we trigger in the consumer world. We measure the reaction and evaluate the impact of brand connections.
  • We innovate to solve business challenges. Innovation is the central pillar of our agency. Vizeum has privileged partnerships with organisations across the world. We help our clients grasp the future opportunities.
  • We serve and coordinate client businesses from anywhere in the world; our unique operating model gives us quick access to any talent in the organisation.

Sustainable consumer relationships, long-lasting connections, based on trust, loyalty and transparency, is what we believe will ultimately deliver brand growth for our clients.

Vizeum: Connections that Count

Our Process

  • ‘The Vizeum Way’ We work to a rigorous proprietary planning process to integrate communications around the consumer decision making journey which we customize to meet our clients specific requirements.   CCS - the Consumer Connection System We have developed the world’s most robust media study enabling us to unravel consumer decision-making journeys and identify exactly which channel to use and when to engage your consumers.   Because we built this on behalf of our clients, we have ensured 3 crucial things:
    1. It works seamlessly with all existing client-owned consumer segmentations. We simply fuse our data with yours.
    2. It is highly media actionable. Most clients find their segmentations define their target audience, but never help them detail a media plan or weigh up alternative communications choices.
    3. It is built for the modern day consumer landscape, covering 60+ different forms of consumer touchpoints. We regularly update these to ensure we capture all developing digital media.
      Unique understanding and knowledge In an increasingly connected and convergent world, Vizeum’s vision is to be its clients’ most innovative partner.  The agency achieves this through two guiding principles – adopting the 70/20/10 model of innovation management and a mantra of ‘Simple strategy, brilliantly activated’, turning ideas into valuable business solutions.