i3 Launch


Taking Artificial Intelligence to the next level:

We took advantage of a Government-endorsed programme developing, testing and using ground-breaking technology to help BMW launch its i3 in a way that both educated and inspired potential customers.

Accessing the latest technology.

In 2013, Vizeum took part in a Government-endorsed programme involving the UK’s Tech City, the hub of the country’s growing entrepreneurial and start-up tech community and our answer to Silicon Valley. The scheme offered Vizeum’s clients access to emerging and innovative technology companies who were willing to collaborate and create brand-new tech-based products and services.

Essentially we were able to offer BMW a step into the future, allowing it to launch its electric vehicle, the i3, in a manner fitting with the technology applied to the product itself.

Educate and inspire:

Our challenge was to persuade potential prospects of the merits of owning an electric vehicle. We would do this by educating them, showcasing the benefits and at the same time alleviating their rational concerns around ownership of an electric car.

We teamed up with London Brand Management, a tech start-up specialising in Artificial Intelligence software, to create iGenius.

All your questions answered at the touch of a button!

We worked with London Brand Management to create a dynamic and adaptive Q&A service that would work across all platforms – mobile, social and web. The system used groundbreaking software to allow potential customers to ask a direct question about the BMW i3 and receive a very human-like response.

The software allowed the customer to ask as many follow-up questions as they wanted, including where their nearest BMW dealer was located. The software was programmed to provide a correct and tailored response each time. The overall experience was akin to talking to an expert from the company, but without the time and hassle of actually picking up the phone and making a call.

Called iGenius, the solution also scored questions, pre-qualifying customers to deduce if they should receive a call, with their permission, from the BMW call centre to further discuss the i3.

Using tech to solve the problem.

BMW’s Marketing Director hailed the use of this technology to solve an inevitable problem, namely a lack of customer understanding and the limitations of media to deliver personalised answers quickly to potential prospects. ‘The feedback from our network of dealerships has been resoundingly positive and we look forward to rolling this out across our network,’ he added.

Thanks to iGenius, there were more than 100,000 unique engagements within three months, with customers asking an average of three questions each. The service launched in the UK in July and is to be rolled out to other markets including North America and Australia.

Market: UK