Spirit of the Holidays

The holiday season was approaching and Kahlua was in year-on-year decline. We not only transformed Kahlúa into a holiday best seller but also ensured its continued future growth.

Going beyond the White Russian

Insights revealed Kahlúa was typically only purchased once a year as a replacement bottle for family gatherings. To drive sales we needed to get party-throwers and party-goers to think of Kahlúa beyond the ‘White Russian’.

We identified the first website to pop-up organically when searching for holiday recipes as AllRecipes.com. We then employed the help of AllRecipe.com food and drink bloggers to develop cocktail and food recipes featuring Kahlúa.

All content was made pin-able and drove to enrich Kahlúa’s newly launched Pinterest page – the beacon for holiday entertainment inspiration.

Pin it to win it

To build scale on Pinterest quickly, a ‘Pin it to Win it’ contest was executed through Facebook and www.KahluaHoliday.com, leveraging Kahlua’s existing fan base and amplifying it through paid social support.

We then kept consumers engaged via eVite and Facebook by distributing Kahlúa recipes to entertainers and guests as they created, planned and RSVP’d to holiday gatherings. Further, we dominated ‘recipe research’ environments through ‘pin-able’ ad units, precision targeting and programmatic buying.

Filling the funnel and driving purchase intent

We also used Ziplist to allow consumers to add Kahlúa recipe ingredients directly to their electronic shopping lists. JumpTap delivered messaging and coupon incentives to people using their mobile phones inside liquor stores, and ShopKick allowed consumers to scan barcodes at the shelf for rewards – not only helping fill the funnel but also driving purchase intent.

In less than 35 days, over 10,000 user pins were generated, over 1,400,000 earned impressions were received and over 250,000 products were scanned in-store by consumers.

This lead to Purchase Intent increasing 26%, but most importantly, Kahlúa turned from a brand in year-over-year decline to one of Pernod Ricard’s fastest growing brands during the holiday season.

Market: USA