Mini Cooper

Mini Paceman


The art of a successful launch

Mini’s latest launch, the Paceman, was unlike anything seen from the brand before. So we created a new playground for this new type of car, placing it at the centre of a unique art exhibition that celebrated the personality and emotion at the heart of the brand.

A departure from the norm

Mini is known for its adorably fun, young, spirited little cars. The Paceman was different, a low-volume car designed to appeal to a more stylish and discerning audience than the traditional Mini enthusiast. The launch had to bring a new kind of energy to the brand, to reflect this new, mature, refined customer. Mini is a well-loved brand bursting with personality and character, and our challenge was to respect this heritage whilst injecting new emotion with the Paceman launch.

By mining our data for insights we identified the perfect target audience, Streetwise Influencers. These savvy men, aged 30-49, are individual, bold trendsetters but also grounded and open-minded. Immune to garish glossy car adverts, this audience chooses to go its own way.

A new playground

A new type of car needed a new domain to call its own. We needed to put clear space between the Mini Paceman and the rest of the category, helping it stand out and become irresistibly audacious. Our starting point was that driving frees the mind, and art frees the soul. So why not bring the two together?

We decided to unveil the new car in an environment completely owned by Mini, which had the backing of trendsetters in order to add entirely authentic appeal. From this, we could create branded content to seed and amplify across owned and earned media.

Our idea was to create the Mini Paceman Art Series, in which we would invite five of Australia’s most original and celebrated artists to interpret the Paceman in their own unique way. The iconic-looking car was to provide their creative inspiration.

Reaching the audience that doesn’t listen

Each piece of art was celebrated on a giant billboard, with a new piece displayed weekly. We created short films profiling each artist and their final work, and distributed this on-air and online. Word spread quickly and organically, as individuals and media organisations picked up on and celebrated the art. Conversations were sparked across social channels as a natural consequence of the artists’ authentic and hip credentials and the iconic status of Mini.

To launch the Mini Paceman store in Melbourne, we invited six leading international designers from a range of disciplines including bespoke denim and hand-made men’s shoes into a hybrid retail and exhibition space.

Activity was further amplified through The Pace, a limited run paper co-curated by Men’s Style and the collaborators, and distributed through cafes and retail outlets across Australia.

The separate pillars of our activity combined to drive hype and buzz around the launch of the Mini Paceman with our Streetwise Influencers, putting the car firmly on their radar.

Unlike anything the client had done before

Mini saw a 55% sales growth over the campaign period, compared to the same period the previous year, and a 30% sales growth compared to the previous quarter. Enquiries increased by 62% compared to the previous quarter and car portal leads by 89%. Dealer leads increased by 15% compared to the same time last year. The client was impressed by our understanding of our target customer and hailed the campaign as ‘unlike anything we’ve done with our brand before’.


Market: AUS