Gran Turismo 6


Re-inventing the wheels

To launch the next instalment of the hugely popular driving game Gran Turismo we broke new ground, creating conversations using a relevant and engaging piece of video content that captured its audience across paid, owned and earned digital channels.

How do you relaunch a classic in a way that feels new?

Gran Turismo is famed the world over for its state-of-the art driving simulation. It’s not the best-selling game under the Playstation franchise for nothing! Ahead of the launch of the sixth edition, we had to create a way to generate excitement without falling into predictable territory.

We mined CCS for insight, and discovered our target audience is eager to share gaming content, especially in the form of online video. We needed to create something authentic that our audience would love to share.

Taking our audience for a ride

To bring a touch of Gran Turismo magic to the everyday, we commandeered one of the unique Fisker Karma cars for which the game is known. We then offered random bus passengers a unique experience – a ride home Gran Turismo style. OOH creative placed in bus stops urged passengers to text for a ride. Two minutes later, they would be picked up by one of the vehicles, fresh out of Gran Turismo 6, and taken to their destination in considerably more style than they may have been anticipating.

We created video content of our surprised and delighted passengers and shared on YouTube and Facebook, amplifying a taste of the experience far and wide.

The power of content

Our video provoked overwhelmingly positive conversations and was welcomed with open arms by the community we needed to reach. It was viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube and other video networks and shared 150 times. We secured 200 positive comments and 3,000 likes on Facebook.

The video became so successful it was picked up by wider media and shared on earned channels, further extending reach and driving conversations.

The campaign helped to wildly outperform our client’s sales expectations, on a very limited budget.


Market: DEN