Play 1

Changing the conversation, driving demand.

We helped SONOS own the home audio experience outright, turning it into a holiday best-seller.

A 3-month transformation

With the global launch of its Play:1 speaker imminent SONOS wanted Vizeum to help it transform from unknown brand to holiday best-seller in just three months.

Site level engagement data and consumer focus groups showed that a big awareness campaign would not be enough to drive sales. We would need to own the home’s audio experience outright.

To do this we devised a three-pronged attack

Immersing People in the Superior Sonos Experience

The global launch saw 500 hyper influencers attending a breathtaking brand immersion day in a New York City loft that we converted into an audio and visual experience with super stylized installations where they could share GIFs with their influential circles in real time.

In the WIRED store, people experienced the brand via hi-def virtual reality, ‘walking’ from room-to-room to experience the product benefits first-hand.

Working with WIRED, we also created interactive custom digital units that allowed people to ‘fill’ their screens with color and sound, and understand how the Sonos system works without leaving their digital world.

Stealing the Wireless Speaker Category

Our bold media strategy focused on stealing the category by taking over iconic audio environments. From The Voice to The Grammy’s we went all out to own media where sound makes all the difference.

This culminated with some daring OOH in December where we built a pop-up digital SONOS shop on top of our Bose competitor to make a splash and drive sales.

CHhanging the Conversation From “What is Sonos” to “Where Do I Buy It”?

Working with iProspect, we revamped the paid search strategy, launched multiple Google extension products, and retargeted digital and video to turn interest into sales.

The Play:1 exceeded all sales estimations, even selling out on We also drove a double digit awareness increase, thousands of new Facebook fans and millions of Twitter impressions.

Market: USA

Key Points

  • Sonos Play 1

    The Play:1 exceeded all sales estimations,with overall holiday sales up 80% year-over-year.