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Our Culture

We are proud of our culture. This is what it’s like working at Vizeum.


We are a united team that trusts and supports one another to fulfil our potential. When we work together we don’t criticize or blame. We recognise we are one team driven to one vision to accelerate business growth through media. We are greater than the sum of our parts. Our buddying approach builds connections across teams.


We listen and respect one another’s point of view. We speak up and we have each other’s backs. We start and end meetings on time and with a clear agenda. We actively listen and engage in meetings and discussions, leaving our devices at the door. We are clear when we set objectives, actions and timelines in our communications. We check in with each other before we commit somebody’s time to a project.


We inspire one another to achieve our goals. There isn’t a challenge too big for our brains and we believe that as a team we can create solutions that accelerate business growth. We make time out to remain relevant and contribute to thought leadership.


We ask ourselves everyday to have brave ideas and avoid playing it safe. We dare to challenge the status quo and take informed risks. We are equipped and confident to have difficult yet important conversations that push our boundaries. Diversity is our biggest strength.


Refueling ourselves is important. We create time and space away from email to create great ideas and perform at our best. We balance our high performance culture with enriching team downtime. We recognise and reward the best examples of our culture in action.

Our Society

We believe in a digital economy that works for everyone. Through Vizeum’s Good Works, we are driving positive change through partnering with not-for-profit and start-ups to solve their business challenges through media.
You can see our most recent Good Works project for 'Malaria No More' here 

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