Calvin Klein

Tinder Helps Reignite the Love for the Brand


We needed to reinvigorate the provocative brand to a digitally savvy brand and recreate the magic. It was time for Calvin Klein Jeans to become the conversation again.
Using our consumer planning tool, CCS, we identified our target audience and three key insights about them. They were single, they loved technology and they were free spirits. Indeed, 38% of them were single, with technology embedded deeply into their day-to-day existence, facilitating their social lives and enhancing their relationships. And we knew from external data that the online dating market had grown by 6% in 2012 with over 9 million users and continues to grow in value and importance today.
Next, building on CK’s history of controversy we needed to create a partnership that would demonstrate the designer brand’s voyeurism and rebellion and put CK back where it belonged – in the centre of attention.


No stranger to controversy, Tinder was the perfect partner to help relaunch CK Jeans to a new generation of consumers. The online dating portal has over 50 million users and the apt strapline of: ‘It all starts here. Friends, dates, relationships, and everything in between.’
We pioneered the first partnership of its kind in EMEA, making CK Jeans the first brand to work with Tinder on paid for ad formats across the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, France, Denmark and Russia.


Tapping into the freedom and instantaneous nature of Tinder as a dating platform, we created profiles that users could swipe right (if they liked them or left (if they didn’t) to watch our seductive video. This personalised approach created a racy story about how a modern generation approaches sexual connection in a digital world.
CK and Tinder held three exclusive parties in London, Madrid and Rome with an opportunity for some members of the public to come along. The party invites were displayed as RSVP cards on Tinder inviting users to swipe right to win the chance to attend.

Business results:

Whilst the goal is always to sell a product; CK wanted to own the conversation. The campaign was heralded in the trade press as provocative and controversial. CK Jeans was back where it belonged.
  • Over 500,000 "right swipes" in the first month.
  • Reaching over 3.8 million unique users across the Tinder platform at an engagement rate of 14% (above industry averages).
  • Thousands of consumers entered the competition at an engagement rate of 16% to have a chance to attend the exclusive CK Tinder party. (500)