The North Face

Defy Weather Whatever

The Vizeum team came up with a solution to use data-driven media innovation to clearly link our brand together with weather relevant moments. The achieved results speak for themselves, and we are now considering ways of using similar mechanics for upcoming campaigns

Challenge and insight: 

Context would be key to driving relevancy and receptivity to Thermoball’s product benefit of protection in any weather.  The perfect context therefore was in weather content.  People check the weather through smartphone apps wherever and whenever they demand,  data showed us that weather app usage is second only to TV for weather updates – so we could seize the most relevant moment to efficiently reach only those receptive, but at scale.


Quite simply, we wanted to get people most receptive to messaging about TNF’s Thermoball jacket to understand the benefits of the product - to protect them in even the most extreme weather by targeting them at the most relevant and receptive moment – when checking the weather on their smartphone.  


We activated a Mobile campaign within weather apps with a full screen takeover telling them that they didn’t need to check the weather, because Thermoball allowed them to ‘Defy Weather, Wherever’.
Users were prompted to click to unzip the jacket, reveal the product and click to store or find directions to their nearest stockist. 

A live weather API pulled into the creative then showed the user what the current weather/temperature was at that moment, along with Thermoball models in the current weather settings.

Business results: 

Brand performance was boosted across the whole brand funnel:
  • 150% uplift on Brand Awareness 
  • 16% uplift Purchase Intent
  • 57% of consumers that saw the ad were compelled to act as a result of the campaign