Looking Through the Latin America Lens


First we set out to understand why Huawei had so far struggled in the region:  
  •  In LATAM there was a commonly-held perception that Chinese products are lower quality compared to other brands
So quality was key to change perception -but we had the perfect illustration of quality in the form of the P9 dual camera – a unique collaboration between Huawei and Leica cameras. What we needed to do was breakthrough the tech clutter and highlight this quality.

But how do you do that when tech features are shown here there and everywhere by the big boy competitors? 
  • Our analysis showed whilst competitors were pros at showing off their tech they were a little lacklustre in using that tech in the context they were selling it in – the beautiful Latin America! Or in other words failing to show consumers an experience with the tech!
  • Latinos are also very proud of showing off their countries; gastronomy, culture and natural wealth!
Our audience insight about Latam consumers showed that they were:
  • Snappy happy is the word! With 71% of Mexicans taking/browsing photos on phones and checking their friends photo updates 4.9 times a day.
  • Like the rest of the world, visual content has grown in Latin America with photos and film dominating social network feeds. 32% were on the hunt for a better camera phone teamed with increasing Instagram usage with a 44% penetration rate.


Entrenched in the insight that Latin-American consumers considered Chinese product of low quality, we proposed a strategy that focused on the demonstration of high quality through experiences, offering more than a mobile. Marketing the P9 as a top visual experience.  

The Leica P9 camera with state of the art Huawei technology could challenge the dominance of Samsung and Apple was the key quality point that had to be dramatized for the Mexican consumers through innovative usage and experiential context.

We took the passion points of the consumers and within each market and made the decision to enlist influencers to develop content based on which topic was on trend in each market. Through a unique partnership with National Geographic we were able to reflect the quality of the phone in the quality of the content experience. 



First, we selected four influencers from each of the markets who reflected their local cultures and passion points: in Mexico, David Pablos, a Film maker and in Chile we used Cesar Fuentes an Astronomer, in Peru we focused on food and used Virgilio Martínez – a renowned chef and in Colombia where fashion was key to the target market we involved Silvia Andrade an established Fashion designer from Colombia.

We then developed a media partnership with one of the most loved channels in Mexico – National Geographic as an amplification and relevance building channel to tell visually impactful stories across the region. Tapping into the wide reach of National Geographic social channels and the photo sharing behaviour of potential P9 consumers.

The four influencers attended a workshop led by leading NatGeo photographer (Dominique Bracco) who taught them how to use P9 features and camera professionally. 

They returned home and using their P9 created visual diaries of their countries producing unbelievable visuals of their beautiful homelands. All these experiences were filmed and distributed across Fox Networks, NatGeo Play, Fox Play and Huawei’s social networks. As a wrap up of the campaign a selection of photos were celebrated in an extraordinary book about the beauty of Latin America. 

Business results:

  • Brand awareness up from 65% to 78% regionally
  • Huawei earned 10% of the LATAM market and became the 3rd most popular smartphone brand in the region. Prior to this campaign, Huawei only had 2.5% of the market with market share ruled by Samsung (30%), LG (15%) and Apple (10%).
  • Sold 12million P9 units which increased +40% compared to 2015