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MINI Clubman: The New Gentleman’s Club


As MINI’s flagship vehicle, Clubman needed a new approach to attract more male buyers in their 30s and 40s that would also differentiate the model from other vehicles in the MINI range. However, in spite of a successful launch in Korea in 2005, MINI is still perceived by many Koreans as overly feminine, young and stylish - and almost a bit superficial. We needed to increase its masculine appeal for the Korean market while honouring MINI’s new global brand guidelines.


A new approach to attract more male drivers had to still feel like ‘MINI.’ Empowered by Korean CCS data, we landed on the strategy of MINI Clubman being the car for the ‘New Gentleman.’ While the concept of gentleman had previously been used by a number of rival car brands including Jaguar, Audi and VW Golf, this was a creative idea that reinvented traditional stereotypes. A gentleman might be professional, well-mannered, considerate, respectful and a leader, but MINI’s new gentleman would be characterised by creativity, sophistication and open-mindedness.



In order to bring the concept of the New Gentleman to life, we developed a TV and digital campaign starring ‘Ahn Sung-ki’ (Korea’s equivalent of Pierce Brosnan). With a limited media budget, MINI needed to outsmart big spending competition like Toyota, Jaguar and Ford
To punch above our weight, we zoomed in on Korea’s cable TV (CATV) channels as the most effective medium, i.e. niche channels that provide specific programmes to specific targets, like soft drama, movies, comedy etc. The trick lay in securing enough campaign share of voice (SOV) in launch season. Within these CATV channels, we developed a range of branded content for the ‘new gentleman’ through a collaboration with local powerhouse CJ E&M. This was distributed exclusively through both their digital and offline CATV. By being highly targeted and frequent we managed to be very efficient. We managed to drive sales while reducing CPRP significantly.

Business results:

Our creative, efficient approach drove results. While MINI confirmed that the campaign drove significant sales results, we can't share their data. However, they requested an identical approach to media in 2017 given the success. We achieved:
  • 50% reduction in MINI’s target CPRP (cost per rating point) compared to previous MINI campaign performance
  • 114% over-delivery on KPI target CPRP
  • Total cost was 21% lower than market average. (401)