School of Decoration

Challenge and Insight:

IKEA has always demonstrated how small changes in a home can make a big difference to living surroundings, but this was different. Persuading customers to buy some scented candles and a coloured throw is one thing, but how do you persuade them to redecorate a whole room? 


We needed to find a way to inspire the Spanish people to roll up their sleeves and embrace the joys of decorating. The solution lay with the expertise of the brand itself. We needed to make IKEA’s know-how accessible to the general public. And so, The School of Decoration was born. 


First, we created an online platform where anyone could visit to access decorating ideas as well as practical, basic instructions on how to actually decorate your home. But we decided to go further. We built a real school, The School of Decoration in a space of 500 square meters to bring the concept to life. Directed by IKEA Spain’s head of design, Lorenzo Meazza and supported by a group of interior designers, we helped to find answers to all the decorating needs sent to us from customers all over the country.

But there was more to do. We created a proprietary television format consisting of 13 one-hour episodes where we tackled 26 different decoration challenges. The programme was aired on laSexta, a renowned TV channel in Spain. 

Business results: 

The School of Decoration provided a fully-integrated creative solution that resonated with IKEA’s brand values and business needs. Critically, those consumers who experienced the campaign said they now wanted to visit the store.
  • 8 million viewers watched The School of Decoration on TV
  • 10 million views of online content 
  • 69% people surveyed said they’d seen the TV programme, 73% said they associated it with IKEA
  • 88% said they picked up practical ideas and inspiration and 85% said they now wanted to visit IKEA.