Total Oils: Striking Oil with the Mechanics

Challenge and Insight:

Total Oil needed to take action to stand out in a saturated market. Competing against global oil brands with deep pockets like Castrol and Mobill and Polish brands, Lotos and Platinum was taking its toll. Even a longstanding, high profile TV campaign with international racing stars was failing to make the necessary impact.
There was another issue at stake. Total Oil’s customers were changing. Research showed that more and more car drivers were delegating oil change to their mechanics and in 2015, as many as 80%. It was time to focus on the B2B customer.


We decided to create an online platform that would appeal to both car fans and our B2B target group of mechanics. This was a change in communications strategy from Target Oil’s previous preference for TV, but we knew this media shift would help to capture the B2B audience.
Working from the strategic insight that car lovers want to make sure that the people who repair and service their well-loved machines do it with tender loving care. From this came our big idea: “Behind each beautiful car, behind each race, behind each result scored at the race, there are mechanics full of passion for their work”



Enter stage left – Team Total – a team we created of car industry professional who would inspire, advise and entertain our audience. They included Adam Klimek, mechanic and the founder/TV presenter of the “Dream car. Buy and do” show on TVN turbo; Patryk Mikiciuk, TVN Turbo reporter and automotive industry fan and Klaudia Podkalicka, one of a few female drivers racing in car rallies.
Together, drawing on the team’s expertise, we created a series of online videos addressing issues that would appeal to petrolheads as well as professionals. These included engineering questions like – what happens to the oil at 200 degrees temperature; lifestyle issues like - how does a women compete in the male-dominated world of races?, and relevant advice like - how to change the oil in your car’s engine? This content was published on YouTube and the website.

Simultaneously we launched a professional version of this service for mechanics and car repair garages. Here, professionals could share tips, ask for advice, participate in competitions and consult with Adam Klimek.

Business results: 

Our efforts to retarget the Total brand towards decision-makers and influencers in the B2B market paid dividends:
  • 400,000 visits by car professionals on the website Team Total Pro
  • 100,000 visits by car owners on the website Team Total and 3165 registrations, 58% more than anticipated
  • 60 articles published on automotive websites, with media value exceeding 150 000PLN.
  • Spontaneous brand awareness increased from 7% in 2015 to 11% in 2016 and prompted awareness from 56% to 65