BMW 2 Series

The Challenge:

Vizeum was challenged to launch a campaign for the all new BMW 2 Series Coupé via an innovative, fresh campaign that would set the model apart from the competition.
Brand awareness played central to the campaign, with the main objective of driving app downloads. Vizeum was tasked with targeting highly mobile and digitally savvy early adopters who were looking for new and innovative challenges.

The Execution:

The campaign would run from 24 March to 31 May 2014. We identified radio and digital to be our key media drivers for the campaign. While radio would form part of the daily routine, digital would play a supportive role when the audience switched devices.

The Idea:

We decided to launch a competition where the audience would stand a chance of winning a 2-Series for a year if they downloaded the app and completed two tasks a week. This would be achieved via a five week campaign making use of a three tier strategy.
  1. Teaser – we would start off with a teaser to gain hype and intrigue leading up to the launch of the BMW 2 Series CoupĂ©.
  2. Launch - using a TTL approach, ATL (mainly radio) drove further digital interaction by partnering with 5FM's DJ Fresh Afternoon Drive to spurn app downloads and announce the weekly winners.
  3. Brand Love - Through a mix of OOH, TV, Print, wifi and digital, we implemented a broader brand campaign. Throughout all three phases, digital was an all-encompassing approach utilizing media that included social, rich, standard, programmatic, re-targeting, search and performance.

The Results:

Digital results saw a total impression count of 27 897 318 and clicks amounting to 198 883, resulting in a click through rate of 0.7%.
In total we saw 22 119 app downloads, with a 69.77% return rate.
ATL media provided audiences of:
  1. Radio (1,370,409)
  2. OOH (27.3m footfall)
  3. TV (754,689)
  4. Print (165,000)
As a result, BMW saw 126 test drives booked via their website and 376 test drives booked via the app.