BMWi i8 & i3

The Challenge:

The BMW i3 and i8 were a new category to the BMW brand and this meant an entirely new formula needed to be used in launching a campaign for potential customers.
Because these were electric cars, the campaign would need to be based on educating the customer. This would include differentiating the two models (i3 and i8) and stimulating brand engagement. Our ultimate goal was to generate new customers.

The execution:

The campaign was set to run from 4 Jan to 31 May 2015.
We identified key media drivers for this campaign as being digital (publisher, performance, PPC etc.), and TV/cinema, print, radio, OOH and activations.

The Idea:

The idea would be to create excitement and anticipation while educating the customer about the new category of luxury motoring, via a three tier media strategy approach:
  1. Excite – The first step was to create hype, talkability and intrigue.
  2. Educate – We would then offer our consumers a portal where they could ask BMWi questions
  3. Seduce – Thereafter, we served up a broader brand awareness campaign, through a mix of OOH, first to market TV properties, Cinema Activation, Educational Print, wifi and digital. Throughout all three phases, digital was an all-encompassing approach utilizing social, rich, standard, programmatic, re-targeting and re-calibrating  the search and performance media as the campaign ran on.

The Results:

As a result of our campaign, digital experienced impressions amounting to 15 898 359 and clicks of 109 626, resulting in CTR of 0.7%.
Separately, PPC achieved 31 981 clicks with a 8.6% CTR and 6.6% conversion rate.
ATL media provided audiences of:
  1. Radio (350k)
  2. OOH (2.2m footfall)
  3. TV (1.6m)
  4. Print (64k)
  5. Cinema (230k)
A total of 15 351 total conversion (booked test drives and brochure downloads) were achieved.

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