Santam Be Safe Feature

The challenge:

Santam was on the verge of launching a new app featuring a Be Safe feature and required a campaign that would drive 15 000 downloads.
The market  was stratified into commentators or connectors. These audience were known to have an above average propensity to engage online especially with social networking. Vizeum tapped into this desire for content and leveraged it not only on radio, but also in the online space as well.

The execution:

The campaign was set to run from 23 March to 20 April 2015.
Radio and digital was identified as key media drivers for the campaign. Radio would form part of the daily routine, with digital providing constant support as the audience transferred between devices during the day.
Idea: The campaign would make use of both radio and online platforms to promote the apps functional and emotional benefits. We made use of content marketing on platforms such as social media using creatives like video to provide educational material and spurn user engagement. Radio, on the other hand, would generate awareness and excitement.
  1. Excite – We partnered with Primedia to develop bespoke content pieces that ran over a month. Radio presenters, Anele and Robvember, would speak on how they use the Santam app on a daily basis, showing how the app was relevant to their everyday lives.
  2. Educate -We drove native content on publishers, showing different app usage scenarios. Video helped people to understand the ease and benefit of the app. Social media drove app downloads and promoted sharing of the app. Rich media and google further drove downloads.

The result:

Digital results saw total of 1 400 959 impressions and clicks of 5 182, resulting in CTR of 0.37%.
App downloads amounted to 25 000, with  6700 people invited to download the app via family and friends.
There were 16 000 interactions with the app in total.