Santam Game Insurance

The Challenge:

In 2015, Santam only sold 530 game policies and needed to increase this considerable in the 2016 fiscal year. Its main focus was on fire cover, which would require key mediums that would help drive the message to the niche audience. Santam needed us to target insurance brokers and encourage them to heavily push the product to their markets.

The Execution:

We ran the campaign from March 2016 to June 2016. Our strategy kicked off by first identifying key media drivers which included digital publishing and performance and a bespoke game insurance event.

The Idea:

Through the course of the campaign we would partner with a specialist title and develop a tailored Santam sponsored game insurance event. Our proposed speakers would present an educational presentation on the importance and benefits of game insurance including features such as tracking and tagging. This would position Santam as a thought leader in the market.
We had an always-on approach to digital throughout the campaign, utilising social and programmatic banners. This is ensured we were reaching the audience across multiple touchpoints. This was reinforced with re-targeting and re-calibrating performance media as the campaign ran on. 
Heat maps and dashboards were set up to monitor where most of the traffic was coming from. This allowed us to optimise our budgets accordingly, recording the traffic on a daily basis to ensure that we were reaching the correct audience and delivering the best deliver results.

The Results:

We experienced a significant month on month increase in broker web site visits since start of the campaign.
Our campaign resulted in the sale of 1 006 game policy between January and June 2016 period, which was close to double of that achieved in the entirety of the 2015 fiscal year.
In addition 1 466 fire policies were sold over the March to June period. This effectively translates into a R2,2 million annualised result based on a policy priced at R1 500 per month.

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