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Vipps, a Norway-based payment solution, sought to drive and highlight its ease of everyday use in an emotive way. We brought to life Vipps’ brand message of “We are loved for everyday miracles” by demonstrating how a simple donation can help those facing a difficult time. With the Petter Uteligger Foundation, we showed 2 million Norwegians how Vipps made it easy to bring “bright spots” to the lives of those suffering from addiction.


Like Vipps, the Petter Uteligger Foundation was an established, but still small brand that would significantly benefit from donations. The foundation was founded by Petter Nyquist, the subject of popular Norwegian TV series Petter the Homeless, in which he spends weeks on the streets, living like a homeless person and documenting their struggles. The foundation’s message of “Donate a bright spot” made it an ideal fit for the Vipps campaign, keeping the focus on individual people and how donations can improve their lives in small but tangible ways.

We aimed to associate Vipps with such a noble effort and demonstrate how Vipps allowed for simple and safe transactions. The campaign launched in the cities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, urging people via social media to send donations for tangible measures, such as paying for a person’s haircut or buying a movie ticket. The effort also got Petter Nyquist himself to interview individuals about the challenges they’d faced, as well as their hopes and dreams. Each of the ten shorts we created included an introduction of the subject, an appeal to donate and the giving of a “bright spot” in action.

The message connected in a major way. More than 200 versions of our shorts were posted by the campaign’s end, doubling our donation goal and generating 60,000 reactions on social media. Through the numerous small but significant “bright spots,” the campaign grew Vipps in the eyes of Norwegians while creating a demonstrable impact on individuals in need.


16,000 Individual donations raised for the Petter Uteligger Foundation
2 million Norwegians exposed to the campaign through Facebook and Instagram
25% Increase in preference for using Vipps
63% Of those exposed to the campaign preferred using Vipps for making donations
NOK 1 million in returns

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