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Tifenn Cloarec, our Global Strategy Director masterfully led the discussion on 'The Dos and Dont's of Emotive Advertising at the IPA stage and Ana Pak, our Global Digital Strategy and Innovation Lead joined the panel at the Guardian stage on the undoubtedly piping hot topic of the week - 'Rebuilding Advertiser Trust in Digital'.
Tifenn guided a panel that showcased some of the top emotive campaigns from mobile to TV. She prompted heated discussion on key points of contention including how much we, as advertisers, should be pushing for intense emotion or not? And whether advertising goes for positive emotive advertising by default and what's the impact on storytelling if we overlook the negative? 

Ana's panel was one of the key debating points from the week, covering everything from tackling ad fraud, the professionalisation of the ad industry, the potential impact of the GDPR and the role agencies have in educating marketers to rebuild advertiser trust. Ana's stance was clear-  that as we at Vizeum move more and more towards people-based marketing, where we're marketing to real people, not proxies, then this will undoubtedly reduce ad fraud. 

 You can watch both talks here

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