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MINI Australia wanted to highlight its 60th anniversary while recognising its customers. Owning a MINI is not just a matter of what car you drive; it’s an expression of who you are. A full 75% of MINI owners personalise their vehicle in some way; many go further and give their car a name. We made personalisation central to this campaign by using an advertising channel that’s not usually associated with personalised messaging - OOH.


We helped devise a creative out-of-home campaign aimed at delivering personalised “thank you” messages to members of the MINI community. Working with Posterscope and QMS, we developed a number-plate-recognition technology that, when installed on a billboard, could recognise a MINI vehicle as it passed by—not just identifying that it was a MINI, but by the specific vehicle and owner.

This dynamic digital billboard was installed on the Kingsway Viaduct in the city of Melbourne where it tracked vehicles as they passed by. The plate-recognition technology would within milliseconds detect a MINI and identify the first name of the owner associated with that particular car. As they approached the King Street Bridge where the billboard was installed, the static image of a MINI and the tagline “Thank you for joining the ride” would be replaced by a personalised message celebrating that specific owner (e.g. “Looking Good Basil, Thank you”).

Over the six days the billboard was up, 55 individual vehicles were identified and messaged (96 messages were sent in total, including duplication). And, thanks to our innovative creative solution, our campaign reached a much larger audience through coverage in industry and consumer publications and on social media. It proved a memorable and fitting way for this distinctive brand to celebrate its longevity—and the customers who helped make it happen.


55 Individual MINI personalised vehicles identified by platerecognition technology and sent realtime messages, with 96 messages in total (including duplication)
The campaign received trade press coverage across all major advertising publications in Australia including AdNews, Campaign Brief, B&T and Marketing Mag

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We are delighted to execute a unique, personalised Out-of-Home campaign that recognises our valued MINI owners and celebrates the names they have chosen for their cars. At MINI we pride ourselves on being leaders of innovation and experience; this campaign really cements our position in this space.