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Michelob Ultra is all about empowering consumers to have it all – living an active lifestyle without sacrificing fun. We identified our audience’s two greatest passions - running and music - and discovered 70% of the world’s 1 billion runners stream music. Our Spotify partnership connected the Michelob Ultra brand with both running and music via 150,000 custom playlists while also increasing brand awareness by 7%.


We targeted 10 million runners on Spotify in our two markets with tailored messages to motivate them for a run and a personalised playlist according to our understanding of their running music preferences. To make the connection as relevant as possible, we created more than 40,000 different personalised messages using dynamic elements about their location, weather, time of day and if runners were pre, during or post their runs.

Those who uploaded screenshots of their run could earn rewards such as free beers and a place in one of our sponsored races. We then retargeted runners later in the evening during drinking and social occasions, urging them to “have it all” by celebrating with a Michelob Ultra.

The effort paid off as we reached 71% of runners on Spotify and delivered 9 million impressions. Runners created an average of 1,800 new playlists each day over the three-month campaign. Beyond these immediate results, we gained valuable data and insight into this running community, allowing Michelob Ultra to build a proprietary sound DNA of millions of runners that will help strengthen the brand message in the long run.


9M Impressions
150,000 Custom playlists, adding up to 21,000 hours listened
+7 Points Increase in Michelob Ultra brand awareness in the UK
30% Overall brand awareness in Mexico, with 98% playlist completion (compared to 25% on average)

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