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When the horror film of the year feature's a spine chillingly frightening clown AND your competitor's mascot also happens to be a clown.... Vizeum had to seize the opportunity for Burger King.  

Vizeum (along with creative agency Grabarz & Partner) hijacked the premiere of the Stephen King novel adaptation of the "IT". With just two spotlights projecting an unmistakeable message to moviegoers to #nevertrustaclown .The key message to "never trust a clown" took a clever stab at one of their biggest competitors - McDonalds. Turning the horror film of the year into Burger King's longest advert ever! 

The results were impressive. In just 72 hours Vizeum had generated $10,000,000 of earned media, 9000,000,000 impressions, pushed it to the top of Reddit's front page and made it Burger King Germany's most watched, liked and shared online film to date with 2,700,000 video views.

We're proud of Vizeum Germany for taking home one of these coveted awards and getting the recognition they deserve for their utter ingenuity in media execution. 

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