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Closing The Gap



Despite Norway’s gender-equal reputation, women and men remain far from equal when it comes to finances. DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group, dubbed this gender disparity the #capitalgap. Our opportunity was to engage with the underserved audience of 2.5 million women by encouraging them to take greater control of their wealth. Our ambitious approach saw an 83% increase in fund sales to female customers.
Closing The Gap


The #sheinvests campaign balanced activity that drove awareness with tools that help drive action. We collaborated with Norway’s largest business magazine, Kapital, to include a special issue alongside its annual, high-profile “400 Richest” edition. Our “Capital Gap” issue mimicked the original format but removed all men from the list and left behind blank pages. A video spot incorporated Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” but removed the word “girls” to raise awareness further.

This multichannel approach extended to local and social media activations. We projected the message “Men own 80 percent of private equity values in Norway. #sheinvests” on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

We established a “Female Investors” Facebook group that provided a conversational forum in which interested customers could ask questions of DNB’s financial experts.


83% Increase in fund sales by female customers during #sheinvests campaign period compared to same period during previous year
53% Increase in new fund customers during #sheinvests campaign period
107% Increase in downloads of the Spare app
646,000 Norwegians visited, with 50,000 checking their capital gap and 100,000 taking the financial test on offer

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