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At one of the most coveted global industry awards, we saw our now multi-award winning European campaign for E.ON get top honours.
E.ON: Tomorrow is.on saw Vizeum pull E.ON from the crowded sea of energy suppliers, onto the beach of brilliant energy solutions. Positively shifting brand perception in the process and differentiating E.ON in a difficult marketplace.

We set out to influence how people perceived E.ON through brand stories. Showcasing their impressive energy solutions in ways their consumers wouldn't usually experience them.

Through a unique brand collaboration with the band the Gorillaz, we put E.ON's renewable energy solutions at the heart of the execution. With a music video unlike anything fans had seen before; a music video powered entirely by the sun. Have a look here.

We then developed a content hub focusing E.ON content the E.ON Drive campaign - E.ON's electrical vehicle solutions. We built a four pillar approach around our content; paid ads, partnership,SEO/Outreach and Social Influencers.

These two campaigns firmly placed E.ON in consumers’ minds as a future-focused brand; innovative in the solutions it could offer customers.

We smashed results - shifting perception of E.ON from simply a supplier of energy, to one of progressive solutions, generating a massive brand uplift across Europe.

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