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The Corona brand has long been associated with sunsets. Since most people take sunsets for granted, our objective was to remind Canadian beer drinkers to stop and enjoy one with a Corona in hand. We created a marathon event that was livestreamed to thousands of individuals spread across the vast country. Our connected sunset festivals boosted Corona to become the most loved beer brand in Canada.


Knowing that Corona’s audience were socially active music fans that engaged in online conversations, we set out to amplify the Corona Sunsets Festival, usually held in a single major city, into a set of five connected festivals. On the same summer day, each live music event took place as the sun went down from East to West, beginning in Halifax, through Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, and finishing in Whistler. Together, the festivals attracted almost 3,000 attendees.

The key was to connect these gatherings so attendees in each city felt like they were part of a truly national event. Corona’s global brand ambassador Kidnap Kid hosted the festival livestream, inviting those attending one festival (or those who couldn’t attend any in person) to experience all of them. The livestream ran for eight hours, generating more than 1.2 million unique livestream views.

The campaign did not stop after the sky went dark in Whistler. We tapped several respected Canadian directors to produce a “Connected Sunsets” playlist of music videos with three tracks from each headliner, which generated 2.3 million views and an aggregate completion rate of 47 percent. We also partnered with a pair of influencers who followed the sun across Canada, documenting their journey in entertaining vlogs posted to their own channels and whitelisted on ours, organically weaving in the brand throughout.

The event was such a success that we did it all over again the following winter, launching the Winter Sunsets tour, which also generated powerful results, even for a brand more often associated with summer.


#1 Corona became the #1 most loved beer brand in Canada for 2018 (up from #2 in 2017)
56% YoY increase, Highest August sales ever
+20% lift in purchase intent
25% Volume increase in Corona sales vs 2018 winter Highest winter sales share ever: 7.4% YoY increase

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