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White Paper 7/10/2020

Vizeum - 2020 Case Book

More than ever, the world is disrupted by changes in the social, economic and environmental spaces. The speed and magnitude of the transformation are unprecedented. In the past year, we have seen how the balance is fragile and how things can turn around. From Brexit to new political agendas in most of the BRICS. From the Coronavirus to the environmental crisis in the Amazon or Australia. From the concerns around digital privacy to the rise in mass urbanization in Djakarta or Dar El Salam. What we believed to be stable factors have become volatile variables, and even when they are local, they create concerns globally. We now feel for real what Thomas Friedman stated a few years ago: a world becoming more and more hot, flat and crowded.
We are delighted to share with you our latest growth stories from across the Vizeum network.  You’ll read about improving digital advertising: from using AI to enhance the prediction of what customers might buy next to the creation of a TV show - which embedded a brand into the local culture. Lastly, you’ll learn how we championed female investing, closing the financial gap between men and women.

These stories demonstrate how we are using media in new and exciting ways to accelerate the growth of our clients. And, we are proud to show how our attitude and approach is shared across the whole Vizeum network to produce a range of work that covers a variety of different markets and sectors.
Download today to view fifteen stories from across the world that may help spark change in your business today.

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