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Vizeum Global Ditches Single-use Plastic.

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The workplace is a huge contributor towards single-use plastics. Whether it's coffee, iced coffee, smoothies, green juices, detox, brain cell inducing energisers – you name it – you'll find it in the office. And without a doubt you'll find it in a plastic container. The UK goes through a whopping 7 million single use coffee cups a day, the majority of these can't be recycled.
Given how significant and visible the problem is in the work environment, we at Vizeum Global decided to tackle the problem head-on with our initiative – 'The Plastic Countdown'.

To help us get to ZERO single-use plastic beverage containers, we introduced the plastic countdown each day. We've been keeping a tally of how much single-use plastic beverage containers are still being used by our team – reliant on eye witnesses accounts and plain old honesty! We've not named and shamed but instead asked for an anonymous tally to be added to each day on our whiteboard.

The initiative has been going for a few weeks and we've made the first ZERO day on our plastic countdown. Keeping to ZERO will be a challenge, but we're supporting each other as a team to embed this behaviour and see the zeros multiply. We reckon that this will keep around 50 containers a day from hitting landfill, or even worse, our oceans.

Here you can see our marvellous team proudly showing off their reusable coffee mugs after hitting the big ZER-0.

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