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Stella Artois struggled to distinguish itself from other premium brands in South Africa. To add local flavour to this European brand, we connected Stella with South Africa’s casual gourmet culture - since there’s nothing more “local” than food. We created a cooking show that embedded the brand in foodie culture and delivered a 6:1 ROI.


To engage South African consumers with Stella Artois and to present it as an ideal part of a meal, we developed a lifestyle reality show, The Taste Master. The six-episode program challenged local chefs and home cooks to compete with one another in themed “meal occasions” such as creating an Instagrammable dish, a sustainable meal, a pop-up shop, or the “ultimate eat out.” Each episode emphasised a distinct aspect of the casual gourmet experience, of which the Stella Artois brand was an essential part. All told, the six episodes included 60 minutes of brand exposure.

The show ran on channel SABC 3 Tuesdays during primetime, and was promoted through TV promos, radio promos, social platforms and earned media. During the show, we asked viewers to share images of themselves sipping a Stella while watching the show using the #StartWithAStella hashtag. Community managers engaged with our audiences on both Stella Artois digital platforms and The Taste Master platforms during the show to connect the digital and TV experiences.

We leveraged our high-profile show to amplify other brand activities. We opened a pop-up bar - The Belgium Beer Café - and sponsored The Eat Out Awards, which both complemented the Stella Artois brand story. Through our integrated approach, we were able to create a distinct platform around a key occasion strengthening the Stella Artois brand for the long term.


6:1 Return on Investment
R12.7 million Earnt in media exposure value on R2.1 million spent - exceeded earned media target by 155% in November and 196% in December.
950,000 Average viewership per episode (the same size audience as well-established popular shows on the channel), and over 1 million for the finale
7 million Reach for the hashtags #StartWithAStella and #TasteMasterSA throughout the campaign.

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