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We’re living in a time of unprecedented change, the speed of which escalates with each passing day. The children of Vizeum employees, our clients and their customers are growing up in a very different world to the one we’re living in now. They’ll have very different attitudes to what we have collectively deemed as the norms around online behaviour, the platforms we use, what we choose to share, why we share it and the services we rely on to improve our standard of life. This in turn will have a profound impact on how they’ll interact with brands and their advertising and the ways in which they research and make purchases.

In our ongoing future trends video series, Vizeum Global will be glimpsing into a crystal ball to imagine how little Obie and Ella (some of Vizeum Global’s very adorable #nextgeneration) and all their friends may one day interact with advertising and technology in the future.




Episode 1 - Consumers Take The Power Back

The first video in our series explores the future of data usage in advertising and predicts consumers taking back control of their data from advertisers. How might consumers go about doing this? What are the advantages to both consumer and brand in this step-change? Does this mean the tap to addressable media is shut forever?

We live in a strange old world where we have never been more aware of our data and privacy yet we’ve never been so happy to share things online too. With consumers ever more aware of how their personal data is accessed and being used, we believe an open marketplace is round the corner allowing consumers to knowingly sell their data to brands and monetize for individual reward. With data sources controlled increasingly by consumers directly, the authenticity of this data will be better verified, although that won’t stop some from making data appear more valuable than it actually is so independent regulation will still be needed.

to find out what this development means for ad targeting and why we feel a robust data strategy is critical to business success.